Reignhour LTD (Reignhour Media) is a production company founded in 2007 with the objective to deliver a bold renewal of entertainment / commercial media. From literature to music, stage, video and film, we are ever-evolving and adapting to a new generation that craves soul and originality.


Reignhour is a movement, creating avenues for artists, musicians, and actors. Reignhour aspires to open more doors of opportunity in the arts and entertainment industry, foregoing the limitations currently imposed by politics and ill-fated agendas that block growth and progress.


Reignhour Media is located in Columbus, Ohio where there is a vast pool of undiscovered talent, a quickly progressing landscape, and versatility of resources; an ideal place for up-and-coming entertainment media professionals.


Reignhour has been instrumental in original stage plays like, THE MAGIC CHEST, and in the initial video production and music releases of new Hip-Hop and R&B artists, YARDN and GANGUS KAZ. Going forward, Reignhour, in partnership with sister company, Andrew Bell PA is in the process of producing major stage plays, and motion picture releases.


THE TRIBE, the music and fashion production team within the Reignhour family is instrumental in the progression of Hip-hop and R&B into the future, maximizing the eminent "re-vibe-lization" forthcoming.


We seek to partner with other entertainment entities in the areas of licensing, production, and distribution opportunities to reach global markets that have been ignored in the past.


Reign is coming — a renaissance of soulfully epic proportions.