In 2014, Andrew-Bell Performing Arts in partnership with Reignhour Media brought two original stage plays to Coluimbus, Ohio — MOE! and THE MAGIC CHEST.


MOE! is  a story of a young girl, a special young girl who takes the audience on a spiritual journey through despair and the hope that grows from within. It was written with the intent to heal the grief of a flawed society through the art of song, acting, and dance. MOE! was a debut success, and is expected to be revived with an expanded point of view and theatrical delivery.


Later that same year, THE MAGIC CHEST was written and performed at the Columbus Ballet Met's theater house as a holiday presentation that continued for the next three years. In 2016, the novel, THE MAGIC CHEST: INTO TU'ROC was released as an extension of the stage play and the screenplay that followed.


The 2018 release of INCEPTION by recording artist, YARDN would be the first of a new genre of Hip-Hop and R&B, ushering in an Afro-futuristic sound that will become more pronounced in upcoming releases from this artist / producer under the sub-production label, THE TRIBE.


Artist: YARDN (feat. GANGUS KAZ)

Producer: YARDN

The 2018 release of the official music video for LIVE ON featuring recording artist, YARDN initiated the plan to take Reignhour to the next level of entertainment media development.


The song, LIVE ON was considered for its commercial qualities, in music, inspirational media, and commercial content. The video was selected as a notable finalist in Film Festivals, and continues to spark the interest of fashion companies, car advertisers, and more.


Director: Christopher Hartway Jr.

Shortly after the release of LIVE ON, work began on the production of the official video for TRIED IT, featuring recording artist, GANGUS KAZ. TRIED IT is a gritty anthem of Kaz's grind to overcome adversity from allusive antagonists seeking to destroy our purpose and progress.


TRIED IT was released on February 28, 2019 through unconventional channels, but with the purposeful intent of establishing awareness among a vast audience of hungry minds, fed up with the bold corruption and injustice.


Director: Christopher Hartway Jr.


In 2019, pre-production work has begun on a motion picture to be shot in Columbus, OH. The casting process will begin in Spring / Summer 2019. More information will be provided in the "EVENTS" section of the site.