C.A. Hartway



C.A. Hartway is a scenarist, novelist,and graphic / vfx / motion graphics designer. His first novel, DAY OF RAIN: RISE OF THE FALSE PROPHET was released on July 14, 2014. He, along with co-author and wife M. Jackson-Hartway released the co-authored novel, THE MAGIC CHEST: INTO TU'ROC, which was adapted from the original stage play, written by M. Jackson Hartway and son, Christopher Hartway Jr., and co-authored the screenplay of the same title (along with wife Michelle and sons, Chris Jr, Michael, and Jordan). C.A. has served as the vfx / set designer for music videos, LIVE ON and TRIED IT, and the stage play THE MAGIC CHEST.


As founder of Reignhour LTD (Reignhour Media), he endeavors to create a legacy of works and opportunities in entertainment and visual arts, both as a company and through partnerships, and to establish resources that cultivate the talents of aspiring artists and professionals.

M. Jackson-Hartway



In addition to being President of Reignhour Media, M. Jackson-Hartway is owner/director of ANDREW BELL PERFORMING ARTS, a talent development and management company she founded for the purpose of exposing young people to the arts (dance, stage, film). She is a choreographer, playwright, novelist, and scenarist with a strong passion for creating opportunities for youngsters, and changing the results of a generation that has been misguided.


M. Jackson-Hartway has instructed dance for over 20 years, and is deeply rooted in the education system where she contributes to fostering better educational experiences for our youth. She is the production visionary of the music video, LIVE ON (feat. YARDN) which is symbolic in her effort to establish the careers young performers, who helped choreograph and perfrom in the video. In addition, she has served as the coordinator / producer for TRIED IT (feat. Gangus Kaz).


She wrote and produced the original stage play, "MOE!"; and along with her son, Christopher Hartway Jr., wrote the stage play and co-authored the book, and shortly after, the screenplay for THE MAGIC CHEST.

Christopher Hartway Jr.



Christopher Hartway Jr. is a professional director, actor and writer in the realms of theatre and film. He serves as the Director of Film and Video production for Reignhour Ltd. and Artistic Director for Andrew Bell Performing Arts. He is a proud alumnus of Morehouse College and the British American Drama Academy. He is an experienced educator and has cultivated the talents of artists, young and old, through Andrew Bell Performing arts, the King arts Complex and Penumbra Theatre Company. He strives to inspire and uplift others through his artistry.



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Gangus Kaz



Gangus Kaz has been performing since age 4 and has grown into a musical artist and producer, and a multi-talented phenom. He is vice-president of music production for Reignhour Ltd, and athletic coordinator for Andrew Bell Performing Arts. Gangus Kaz is a former Ohio State Buckeye wide-receiver who decided early in his football career that his passion for music could not be shared, and stepped away from the turf to further his recording endeavors.


Gangus Kaz has produced and is featured on tracks for YARDN; and is also featured on tracks for NGS Mercy, and has worked with Chicago's very own DJ L and other artists.


Instagram: @ganguskaz


Videos: TRIED IT




YARDN fell in love with the performing arts from a early age and had his first performance at age 4. Though his talents are spread across many platforms, music has always held a special place within YARDN's life and career. After learning of his tribal ancestry and the profound effect that knowing ones history has on a person, YARDN, through the power of music, has made it a point to influence people to research their own ancestry and to begin to live their lives with a tribal mindset, seeing and caring for everyone as a part of one united tribe.


YARDN has self-produced and recorded his own debut album and two singles, as well as tracks for Ganguz Kaz in which he features on as well.


Instagram: @_yardn_


Video: LIVE ON